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"I have a passion for the unseen things in everyday life.
By creating my “hidden details of the ordinary”,
I generate dream-spaces of imagination:

A place and time to unwind the busy mind and to recline within a mysterious world of basic, yet complex color and shape, inviting imagination to take a small journey

into embracing hidden scapes” 

Karina Mencke Vagnby


I work with different themes, to create my  `hidden details of the ordinary`:

at the fishermans´ workshop
fish, fishwaste, crayfish...

(wo)man and machine
engines, cars, architecture and infrastructure, mechanicals, (toy)machines...

beings • beasts • elements • emotions
humans, animals, armpits, ears, snouts, noses...


Like in all media i work with, I like to play with size, color and surface.

My sculptures also emerge through a playfull approach to everyday objects and become reinterpretations and simplifications of details of a chosen object. I start with the photographies of an object, digital treatment, sketches and sketch-models, and finally forming the chosen shapes. Also here my fascination lies in the details of real objects, that I transform into more simple, organic shapes. My sculptures invite the viewer to take journeys into curiosity and imagination, visiting a place for the mind to wonder and to wander.

fine-art photography

My photo art emerges through a series of processes, starting with the photography of any chosen object, sketches, digital treatment, numerous testprints, and the final pieces professionally printed and mounted with an acrylic plate on top, to create extra depth and shine, emphasizing the colorful details, pulling the observer close!

My fine-art photographies are crafted with diamond on dibond, creating extra depth and shine and enhancing the beautiful colors, with its integrated 3-5mm acrylic sheet.