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The Artist and the Designer


"We work in the field of tension between art and industrial design. A space where everything is possible, from dreamlike thoughts to detailed solutions. Both poles contribute to each other and enhance the processes in between. Creativity is for us the way we look at the world, the motion by which we expand the possibilities of colour, material and shape. Asking questions and looking for new ways are our approaches to art, design, as well as life itself.” 

Karina Mencke and Marcus Vagnby


We present Cave: The revolutionary concrete bio-fireplace. Perfect balance between magnificent design and all the wonderful things about an open fire. ​The ultimate experience of the glow of the flames, warmth and coziness. 

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Triple award


We are happy to announce that we have won two red dot  and an IF awards for our Bird wine stopper, designed for Zone Denmark. 


Thanks to the Zone team for realizing the product and believing in its potential.

For us the Wine Bird is a great example of ingenuity and a clear figurative expression combined in a functional and joyful design.

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