We strive to design new classics!

Karina Mencke 1977 (german & danish)
Designer, artist and brand owner

Marcus Vagnby 1981 (danish)
Designer, architect and brand owner

A unique solution breaks the ice

mencke&vagnby is an international design studio, developing elaborate products and solutions. We are experienced in fulfilling our customers' needs to growth, based on marked desirability. We work within a wide range of scales and areas, as product design, furniture design, interior design and architecture. Believing that our process and approach is the key to success in all scale and context. Trough research and a user driven design approach we create solutions, by solving a given problem in a logical but yet surprisingly way. Giving our clients a head start on their market approach. 

Creative Thinking

We think and rethink problems, in the search for honest and inventive design
Honest, in the sense of allowing the characteristics and functions in a product help determining the shape, striving for a simple and justified solution, and seeing every project with a fresh aspect, not following the beaten path.
Inventive, in the sense of seeing every challenge as inspiration, and not stopping when something seems unsolvable. In our designs, the inventive is evident in our many patented designs, and never ending search for new materials, and solutions.
This diversity in our work is challenging and nourishes new and original ideas.


We do our best to design our products and architecture based on the Cradle to Cradle principles; Whether it comes to the preparation and marking of the materials, durability, packaging, or to updating products, we always seek to embrace an environmentally friendly and green approach.
For example in the MIX series, recycling and green thinking is not only reflected in material selection and packaging, but also throughout the series own concept: Mix and use again.

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