A long term business relationship that dates back to 2001. Hundreds of realized designs, such as the world´s first silicone pastry brush, the Winefiner, the open whisk and the insulated Copenhagen shaker. Being a part of a brand like this is a dream for all involved parties.


Full interior and identity design for the Copenhagen based gourmet restaurant. Including furniture design, design of plates, selection of lamps and detailing.


Our own brand started 2012. Here we have designed everything, from the box to the product. A true playground including high volume production of lamps to furniture proudly produced in Denmark.
The range includes the sucess Snowflower, the viggo furniture, the time schulpture Time Silhouette and the VIA 3 in 1 lamp.


High quality living products, with that extra function and detail that just makes them superb to use. Design for the good life.


Monoqool Eyewear range in titanium. Shapes, fitting and colors. Logo and eyeware cover.


Being part of a brands´ redefinition is a great experience, and that was the case with the barista brand Cafelat. We are proud to be the inventors behind a product like the tubby knock box. Now copied world wide.

 A Bali dream

We was so locky to have a client with 100% confidence in our skills, the result is just amassing, the 300 square meters villa Ashoka Canggu is just breathtaking with a view to the classic Bali rice paddies.

Architect Peter Sand was on the team.


The letter mailbox covers the lock. Both keeping it well protected from the elements and more importantly, giving the box a clean and designative design expression.

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