News 2012


June 2012 | ShapingYourDay

We are very proud to finally lift the veil for our new lamp Snowflower! See the images and read more here:
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Ashoka Canggu

May 2012 | Private residence | Team: Marcus Vagnby, Peter Sand & Karina Mencke

The construction of the Bali Villa is finally complete! See the images and read more here:

Revolutionary New Garlic Press

February 2012 | Nuance | Team: Marcus Vagnby & Carl&Carl

Say farewell to smelly fingernails from scraping garlic out of your garlic press! With the revolutionary new patented garlic press for Nuance, cleaning your garlic press is a matter of folding it open, and you can easily wipe away the residue. The Garlic Press has been designed in collaboration with the Copenhagen based design studio Carl&Carl.

Mencke & Vagnby products hit the streets!

February 2012

Karina took a few of our products outside, for a photosession on a freezing cold winter day. Luckily it didn't just result in cold fingers, but some great shots of the products! See more...

Strand Cutlery

February 2012 | Nuance

The new Stainless Steel Cutlery 'Strand', is a classically proportioned, and perfectly balanced cutlery, that works well with the rest of the Strand range.

Tree Trunks

February 2012 | Nuance | Team: Marcus Vagnby & Ejje Lundgren

The well known Tree grinder, from Nuance has split up! Introducing Tree Trunks, two separate grinders for Salt and Pepper, in the same great design as Tree. Use them on their own, or as a supplement to Tree, for your Rose Pepper, Smoked Salt or other variations you can't live without.


November 2011 | JV Company

Danish JV Company has just released CleanSmoker; A small portable ashtray, designed by Mencke & Vagnby. CleanSmoker helps you keep the streets clean, and is smell-free.
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October 2011 | Spirit

Mencke & Vagnby has just finished a complete line for the new Danish design brand Spirit. A new brand, but rooted in old virtues, aiming to be a top brand within wine, champagne and fine dining accessories.
The line contains wine accessories, candleholders, cutlery and more.
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October 2011 | Selene

Mencke & Vagnby has just finished a new line for Selene, as a part of the brands major relaunching.
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Mix Minis

October 2011 | MIX

Mencke & Vagnby has just finished a range of new products for the MIX brand, called Mix Minis. The range takes the Mix concept into new areas, compromising two grinders, milk/sugar set, oil/vinegar bottle, dressing shaker and storage jar. The glass jars contain 10cl or 16cl.
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Mencke & Vagnby

August 2011

As of August 2011, Marcus Vagnby and Karina Mencke has changed the name of their designstudio, and will from now on be known as Mencke & Vagnby. The name change is a natural step following many years of close collaboration, and an increasing number of joint projects. The studio will mainly design under the Mencke & Vagnby name, but both Marcus Vagnby & Karina Mencke will also perform solo from time to time.
At the same time Hans-Christian Bauer has been engaged as a full time Industrial Designer at the studio, in order to keep up with an increasing amount of work. Hans-Christian has been connected to the studio since June 2010.

Cuttingboard set

August 2011 | Nuance

A set of three decorative cuttingboards, with smart non slip corners. Keep them organized in the bamboo rack.

Tweezer Tongs

August 2011 | Nuance

Whether you want to stir, flip, grip or seperate the ingredients in your frying pan; The new Nuance Tweezer Tongs makes it easy!

Multi Carafé Neoprene Covers

August 2011 | Nuance | Team: Marcus Vagnby & Karina Mott

Two new covers for the Multi Carafé, help keeping your drinks cold on a hot summer day.

Bali Construction

August 2011 | Private residence | Team: Marcus Vagnby & Peter Sand

The construction on Bali is close to completion. The big pieces are all in place, but lots of detailing still remain. More...

Multi Forks

February 2011 | Nuance

The perfect fork for small snacks, everything from tapas to holding a corncob.

Tree Egg Cups

February 2011 | Nuance

This doubled walled eggcup with extra space for egg shells is the natural complement to the "Tree" salt and pepper grinder. Shaping up your breakfast table.

Multi Carafe Gray

February 2011 | Nuance

Is grey the new black?

Tablecloth Magnets

February 2011 | Nuance | Team: Marcus Vagnby & Karina Mencke

Inspired by a falling drop of water, this table cloth holder is not only functional with its strong magnets but also striking elegant and discreet.

Three x Trees

February 2011 | Nuance | Team: Marcus Vagnby & Ejje Lundgren

3 new colours for the popular "Tree" grinder. Night black with rubber paint, and two high gloss finish versions; Ruby read and Royal blue.

Grill & Kitchen tools

February 2011 | Nuance

Spatula and Tweezer Tongs designed for indoor kitchen and outdoor grill use.

Wine Finer Deluxe

February 2011 | Nuance

The new WineFiner Deluxe. After two years of ongoing development and optimizing of the original WineFiner, a brand new version is ready introducing the laser cut stainless steel mesh in the bottom which improves the aeration process. An additional filter is added in order to retain even more sediments from your vintage wine. A simple steel lid closes the WineFiner Deluxe for a safe storage for up to 24 hours. A perfect product for clean and delicate serving. It will bring out the best of your red or white vintage wines. More...

News 2010

Digital Thermometer

October 2010 | Nuance

The digital thermometer easily fit all bottles no matter size and shape. The wire adjusts itself around the bottle neck. It is also great for gourmet beer tasting. More...

Monoqool Cover

October 2010 | Monoqool

Presentation and cover solution for the Monoqool Eyewear. More...

Tree Grinder

August 2010 | Nuance | Team: Marcus Vagnby & Erik Lundgren

The coolest salt and pepper grinder ever? We think so! This sculptural dual grinder is practically designed with upwards-facing grinders so that you don’t get salt and pepper all over the table. First designed as a Y back in 2008 on a study trip to New York, then it evolved into a tree, incorporating the classical high pepper figure and the low salt shape into one. The result of an inspiring cooperation between Marcus Vagnby and Erik Lundgren More...

The Blues

Juni 2010 | Competition | Team: Marcus Vagnby & Peter Sand

With library, museum, cinema and music school as the key functions We have designed a lively culture house in Norway shaped as five hanging stones around the indoor atrium with the atmosphere of blues. More...

The World of MIX

May 2010 | MIX

MIX is launched worldwide in Hong Kong at HKTDC Houseware Fair. The simple booth design by Marcus Vagnby and Karina Mencke is the frame around the concept. The tall outer walls with large pictures draw visitors attention and awaken their curiosity to go inside and have a closer look. Inside the booth there is a simple lineup presentation of the MIX complexity and idea, letting visitors from around the World explore the potential of the products. More...

MIX is launched

February 2010 | MIX

MIX Nuance by Marcus Vagnby is launched in Scandinavia. The concept gives the user freedom to mix different parts of the line to meet various daily requirements. Change size, add a double wall or change the function. These are some of the key features in this colorful line. The aim is to give the products a long life due to their flexibility and the opportunity to “add on” new functions to existing parts. More...

To encourage the user to be creative is the whole point of modern design!

Marcus Vagnby


A Colorful Spring

February 2010 | Nuance

The successful Arosse Multi Carafe by Nuance is now available in three hot colours. Also the bestselling Nuance tools are launched in colors at an economy friendly price!

Ålandsgade Karreen

February 2010 | Competition | Team: Marcus Vagnby & Peter Sand

Our vision was to create a house that melts together the two elevations at the sight. Creating one volume with respect for the existing buildings facades and history. By extruding the form in a circular shape, we created a new urban space towards the streets, and orientated all living spaces towards the southern courtyard. More...


Wine Gear

February 2010 | Nuance

The Nuance wine gear family is getting bigger. Aerate and filter your fine wine while you pour it into your carafe with the Nuance Wine Funnel. The fine stainless steel filter cleans unwanted debris from your vintage wine. Or open your screw cap wine bottle in style with the new Wine Spine Opener. Check the temperature and enjoy your wine at the right time.


A Bali Dream

January 2010 | Private residence | Team: Marcus Vagnby & Peter Sand

Marcus Vagnby has in collaboration with Peter Sand designed this modern villa in Bali for a Hong Kong based couple. With the use of the Balinese materials and open living spaces at ground level in combination with the contemporary first floor, this villa presents a wide variety in indoor and outdoor experiences of space. More...

News 2009


CPH Bike Share System

November 2009 | Competition | Team: Marcus Vagnby, Peter Sand and Erik Lundgren

Our vision of the future bike-sharing system in Copenhagen is based on modern technology, a functional and Nordic design with a flexible and simple system. It interacts with the city's urban landscape and its citizens and guests needs, and at the same time it brands Copenhagen as an ideal city for cycling and a city with a focus on the environment. More...


Pine Cone

November 2009 | Competition | Team: Marcus Vagnby & Peter Sand

As a backlash to the traditional introverted sports centre I designed, in collaboration with architect Peter Sand, a covered tennis court, which from the outside showed the activities taking place inside the building. With its location in Sweden we used the faceted appearance of a pine cone as the inspiration to create a modular system that with its elements gave the building a living expression with exciting light and shadow experiences, made it extrovert and naturally well lighted, without compromising the main function - playing tennis. More...



October 2009 | Monoqool

Marcus designed the logo for the new Danish eyewear brand Monoqool. The logotype is inspired by the spectacles traditional shape: All the letters are formed from the rectangular main shape. The beautiful and light spectacles are designed by Karina Mencke and Tools design.
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October 2009 | Monoqool

Karina has just finished a new range of eyewear for the new Danish eyewear brand Monoqool. The range, called Twins due to its unique double temples, consists of 8 new designs, which come in a variety of colors.



April 2009 | Monoqool

For Cafelat, Karina has designed a range of barista gear, aiming for good functions, great looks, high durability and excellent quality. Notably the countercorner tampingmats, easy-to-clean knockboxes, tamper holder and the patented Grouphead Cleaning Brush which makes cleaning the Grouphead efficient and easy, without burning your fingers.
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